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30 Obnoxious Phrases to Expunge from Your Writing Today

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight

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Want to write more forcefully and professionally without trading in puffery? Expunge these obnoxious words and phrases that add nothing to the meaning of your sentences.

5 Ways You Are Wasting Productive Time Online (And How to Stop It)

by Scott Huntington | The Web Writer Spotlight


Have you ever gone online to look up some piece of information and before you know it, it’s three hours later and you haven’t written a single word? The internet is a great resource for writers, but it can also be a great source of distraction and time-waster if you let it.

10 Fun Tips on Writing by Joyce Carol Oates

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight

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Critics have called Joyce Carol Oates "a word machine."  This prolific literary stateswoman offers earnest, yet entertaining tips on writing.

10 Golden Types of Web Content to Specialize In

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight


Looking to make the leap into web writing? Maybe you are a seasoned content writer and just want to take your writing career in a different direction. Specializing in a few types of web content can sharpen your skills and quickly establish you as an authority in the niche.

7 Signs You’re Not Ready to Quit Your Day Job

by Leah Rutherford | The Web Writer Spotlight


Quitting your day job to pursue your talents and passions is not a decision to take lightly. In most cases, the decision is final. Look out for warning signs that could mean you’re not yet ready to quit your job. 


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