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About The Web Writer Spotlight


The Web Writer Spotlight (WWS) is a fast-growing online publication for passionate digital writers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals.

Launched in 2012, the website delivers news, tips and inspiration to help writers and other creatives grow their business/careers online, as well as serving general advice and commentary on the journey that is being an entrepreneur in today’s digital age.

In the digital age, people are facing new issues on top of the old. As publishing continues to shift and change, for example, writers and publishers are now forced to adapt and establish themselves entirely differently—making breaking into the scene all the more exciting.

We bring you news, tips and inspiration about digital writing, the creative life and online entrepreneurship to help you stay in the loop on emerging trends. The goal is to shine a light on the creative life and illuminate the online business landscape for writers, entrepreneurs and other creatives.

Our hope is to empower and inspire creative professionals everywhere to develop the skills, habits and mindset necessary to succeed in their personal and professional lives.


Join Us!


The Web Writer Spotlight is a community site for writers and other creatives and you are very welcome to participate: 


* Submit news, tips and/or stories you'd like us to publish via e-mail.

* Send feedback and/or suggestions via the contact form.

* Comment and/or share posts you love on social media.

* Become a fan of our Facebook page.

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Thank you so much for reading, and your participation. We look forward to hearing pertinent stories, comments and experiences from you.


With love and appreciation,

- The Web Writer Spotlight team. 

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