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How Plants Affect Your Mood, Spark Creativity and Improve Focus

by D. More | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 12, 2016


Did you know that plants in your workstation can spark your creativity, improve your productivity and help with problem-solving? A study completed by Texas A & M specifically found that flowers can reduce negative feelings, reduce anxiety and boost energy in men and women in the workplace.

Adding plants into the workplace helps the workspace feel more like home and increases its attractiveness, which can help boost creativity. Men and women alike benefit from flora. Workers report more innovative thinking and creative ideas when they are surrounded by beautiful foliage.


Plants provide stress-relieving benefits.


The best plants to include in the office are those that provide a relaxing scent, such as lavender, lilacs and roses. Each of these has been shown to help reduce tension and anxiety. When a worker is calm, cool and collected, they are more productive.

Also, the simple act of watering plants within the office can relax you. Although watering plants only takes a few minutes, it gives workers a break from the mundane so they can come back more focused and ready to complete their work.  

What should you do if you cannot bring flowers into your workplace? There are ways you can increase your happiness and energy levels without ever bringing a plant into the office. Place fresh flowers throughout your home to help you brighten your home and provide stress-relieving benefits.




Flowers impact the type of mood you are feeling.


The type of flowers you display can also affect the type of mood you are feeling. For example, those flowers that are warm-colored (yellow, orange and red) help to stimulate the brain and boost energy levels. Use these flower colors to help you be more creative and alert.

If you need to relax and slow down the release of stress hormones in your body, opt for flowers that are cooler colors such as blues and greens. Colors that fall near one another on the color wheel will help to calm you. Those that are on the opposite side of the color wheel will increase your productivity. Use these colors in your arrangements to produce a wanted effect, such as energizing or relaxing you.

Finally, the shape of your flowers and arrangements can affect your mood. Choose curvy shapes to help you relax and spiky shapes to energize you. 


Different flowers and potential benefits they have.


You may already be familiar with various essential oils and their intended applications. Many of those oils are extracted from flowers. Having fresh cut flowers in the home or office can often have similar effects on the mind and body.

Just as different essential oils will have different effects, so too will different flowers. Freshly cut flowers will have the most noticeable effect because their scent is more potent at the time. Here are a few different flowers and the potential benefits they may have.


The cypress vine for creativity.



Red white, pink mixed cypress.

The cypress is not only a beautiful, star-shaped flower, it is also aromatic, potent and capable of boosting creativity levels. Simply admiring the appearance of this natural wonder is enough to spark the creative gene. Creativity is driven even further when you are forced to shape and size the cypress.

These flowers grow in one of two places. One is on certain trees. The second source of these flowers, and the only source you can likely grow in your home is the cypress vine. These are fast growing vines that bloom several flowers. You will need to continually care for and trim the vine to prevent overgrowth.

The scent emanates from the flower as well as the needle-like leaves of the vine. Though the individual scents are different, they come together to create a beautiful aroma that sparks creativity, promotes alertness and increases focus. It is definitely a difficult plant to care for indoors, but worth all of the trouble.


Growing lavender for focus.



Lavender flowers in a basket.

If you want a slightly easier flower to grow indoors, but one that can still improve focus, then you might consider the lavender plant. This is a scent almost everyone is familiar with. It is so popular that it is often used in air fresheners, cleaning supplies and shampoos. It is also one of the most commonly purchased essential oils.

Growing a lavender plant indoors is fairly easy. As with most flowers, the primary concerns for growing lavender are sunlight and water. It is typically considered a drought resistant plant, but don't expect it to keep surviving in low water conditions. It can also be beneficial to start the growing process outdoors and then slowly transition it to an indoor plant over the course of a week.

Flowers have been used for centuries to bring a touch of nature indoors. Science is only now realizing that the sight and smells of flowers can help improve your mood, provide relaxation and or increase creativity. Create a floral arrangement that is both beautiful and functional for you.

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D. More is a successful businessman and helps to operate the website, which is committed to providing only the freshest and finest flowers. To see our one-of-a-kind arrangements which use some of the most exotic flowers available, visit today.




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